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Our Services

Bowen for All places their clients first. We are a user centred healing practice, offering a range of individual therapies.  


We operate across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire specialising in home visits.  Bowen for All is run by Heather Downs M.Sc. with over ten years experience as a qualfied Therapies Practitioner and Tai Chi Instructor (2nd degree sash).


A minimum of two treatments followed by regular maintenance programmes are recommend for the Bowen, Zen Shin Katsu, and Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.


Thermal Auricular Therapy (also known as Hopi Ear Candling) applications are determined by individual needs.


Treatments last between 30 to 60 minutes.  Please bring your medical history with you on the first visit.

Bowen Technique

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A remedial therapy in which the practitioner uses thumbs and forefingers on precise points on the body to make rolling type moves which gently stimulate the muscles, soft tissue and energy within the body.  


These moves prompt the body to make the adjustments which help to re-balance, relieve tension and reduce pain.


It is not a form of massage.  There is no manipulation or adjustment of hard tissue.  It is generally regarded as safe and effective for people of all age ranges.  A minimum of two treatments are advisable.


Zen Shin Katsu 

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Based on Japanese Finger Therapy the client may expect light to firm accupressure moves combined with gentle stretches, designed to eleviate and relieve painful conditions.  


Emphasis lay in restoring normal range of movements, releasing tensions, stimulating the endocrine systems and improving impaired mobility issues.


Clients will find this a relaxing experience, additional exercises may be demonstrated to further assist recovery.



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Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho




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Reiki is pronounced "Ray-Key"


It is a powerful tool for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and balancing whilst greatly enhancing personal growth.  Reiki works finer vibrations through to physical realms of each client.


It is not a form of psychic healing as it flows through the healer, and not from the healer.  It's effectiveness is not subject to the physical or psychological condition of the healer.


There is no physical contact, hands are held above the body to apply Reiki energies.  It is a calming non invasive healing technique.


Thermal Auricular Therapy

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Also known as Hopi Ear Candling used for centuries by many cultures. Treatments are subject to verifying no injuries are present in the ear.  Clients are advised to refrain from swimming activities for the first 48 hours.


It is a safe relaxing therapy, benefits may include:


Relaxation and stress relief, easing pre and post flight ear pressure conditions, the softening - loosening of compacted earwax.  Sinus issues, headaches and snoring problems.


Treatments include head and neck massage.